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Does the O/D turned off in a car save gas?

I drive a 96 toyota rav4, and on the gearshift there's a button that turns off O/D, which means overdrive, i'm guessing when it's off, this saves gas?

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What are the best gas saving cars from the 1990's?

Like what brands, honda? toyota? ford?

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What is a really good car that saves gas besides hybrids?

I am wanting to buy a new car around 20,000, I have thought about a Honda Civic and a Toyota Carolla, which is better? and are there any other cars that are similar that are good cars. I have been told both of these are really good cars.

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what are the top 10 best gas saving car?

Between Honda Civic, Honda Fits, or Toyota Corrella?


Am I saving gas in neutral? Is this good or bad for my car?

I drive a 1995 Toyota Camry.

I often shift it into neutral (it is a manual) when going down hills, approaching stoplights, etc. I remove my foot from the gas, and more or less coast.

In my hopeful mind, I am saving gas, but in my doubtful mind, I am causing grave damage to parts of my car that I don't know exist.

And please try to support your answer. I have heard many a fishwive's tale on the subject.


What would be a cheap-priced, gas-saving dependable car?

I am thinking about for a 1990-2000 year toyota- an echo maybe. What do you think is good- anything slightly bigger then an echo (but not a boat)? I am looking for automatic, NOT stick-shift.


What do you recommend as a real good gas saving car?

I am saving for my first car, and i rly need a gas saving car....i've been looking at the pontiac vibe or honda civic, or mazda3 or 6 or toyota corolla...idk help!! i need opinions!! and Thank you!!

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