do you save car gas, by turning off the heater and ac?

Does turning off the heat in the car or turning off the ac save on car gas? thanks for any help.

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5 Responses to “do you save car gas, by turning off the heater and ac?”

  • Mark F:

    Use of the heater has no effect on gas mileage. Use of AC does as the AC compressor runs off the engine and when it engages draws several horsepower to operate. That said, it is 23-def F right now so I’m not inclined to run the air.

  • wimpy:

    heater -no ac-a little with small hp .

  • Old Man Dirt:

    AC and defroster yes, about 1 mpg. But I don’t like not being able to see out the car windows, kind of stupid to do 500 dollars worth of damage to save 50 cents.
    The heater can hurt mileage a little, but for the most part it is just a radiator and the fan draws no more current then some sound systems in a car (less then many after market ones). If you are that radical on saving gas, turn off the radio and take the rear seats out of the car, and or leave the spare out. Leaving the spare tire at home would save more fuel.

  • Michael:

    The AC will take a little power from the engine and lower your mileage slightly. It is important to note that the effects depend on a few factors. For one, using the AC while going up a hill is worse than using it on flat ground. The engine works hard to climb steep hills, and this is when it needs power. On a downhill portion of your drive, the AC has much less of an effect on mileage.

    Heat won’t affect the mileage of an already warm engine, but it I have read that it may cause the engine to take a little bit longer to warm up on a particularly cold day. Again, I can’t verify this, but if it is true, I imagine the effects are negligible at best.

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